We are now  vaccinating patients aged between 16 and 59 that are in Cohort 9 with Pfizer. 

  • You must be a registered patient of the practice to avail of a vaccination.

If you are in one of these groups and you and have not been offered a vaccine appointment through another provider please contact 0852253379

You can not have a vaccine if you have any the following: 

  • Any other immunisations or injections in the last 14 days (including Tetanus)

  • An anaphalactic reaction to an immunisation in the past 

  • Have had Covid-19 in the last four weeks

  • INR above 4

Cohort 9

  • All groups aged 16-59

Cohort 4

  • Diabetes where the patient has HbA1c > 58mmol/mol in last 12 months

  • Obesity  where patients have a BMI > 40

  • Chronic Respiratory Disease where patient is on home oxygen, pre or post transplantation or with a hospital admission related to disease in past year

  • Patients with Prader Willi Syndrome

Cohort 7

This group will commence the vaccination programme when Cohort 4 is completed

  • Cancer

    • Haematological - within 1 year.

    • Haematological - within 1 - 5 years.

    • Non-haematological - within 1 year.

    • All other cancers on non-hormonal treatment.

  • Chronic heart (and vascular) disease

    • Chronic heart disease, for example: heart failure, hypertensive cardiac disease.

  • Chronic kidney disease

    • Chronic kidney disease with eGFR <30ml/min.

  • Chronic liver disease

    • Chronic liver disease, for example: cirrhosis or fibrosis.

  • Chronic neurological disease or condition

    • Chronic neurological disease or condition significantly compromising respiratory function and/or the ability to clear secretions, for example: Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy.

  • Chronic respiratory disease

    • Other chronic respiratory disease, for example: stable cystic fibrosis, severe asthma (continuous or repeated use of systemic corticosteroids), moderate COPD.

  • Diabetes

    • All other diabetes (Type 1 and 2).

  • Immunocompromised

    • Immunocompromise due to disease or treatment, for example: high dose systemic steroids (as defined in Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland Chapter 3), persons living with HIV.

  • Inherited metabolic diseases*

    • Disorders of intermediary metabolism not fulfilling criteria for very high risk.

  • Intellectual disability*

    • Intellectual disability*** excluding Down Syndrome.

  • Obesity

    • BMI >35 Kg/m2.

  • Severe mental illness*

    • Severe mental illness, for example: schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression.

*additional or updated medical conditions

** APECED - autoimmune polyendocrinopathy candidiasis ecto- dermal dystrophy

*** WHO definition of intellectual disability as “impairments in adaptive, social, and intellectual functioning (IQ<70), requiring daily support, with onset in the developmental phase (<18 years)”

Please ensure your contact details are up to date with practice staff.


You can also visit the HSE website at www.hse.ie/covid19vaccine, or call HSElive on 1850 24 1850.